Coloplast 3760 Biatain Alginate Ag (previously SeaSorb-Ag Alginate) Dressing with Silver - 4 inch x 4 inch, Sterile, One dressing

Our Product Number: V-COL-3760-E
Price: $22.69 USD

Product Description

Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing with Silver is a unique mix of high G (guluronic acid) and highly absorbent carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) with the addition of an ionic silver complex, which releases silver ions in the presence of wound exudate. As exudate is absorbed, the dressing forms a soft, cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface. Silver ions protect the dressing from a broad spectrum of microorganisms over a period of up to 4 days. Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing with Silver is a highly absorbent, fiber-free alginate dressing that forms a soft and protecting gel - ideal for highly exudating wounds. The exudate fluid is absorbed quickly and vertically into the Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing with Silver which minimizes the risk of maceration. Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing quickly forms a soft gel in the wound bed to maintain an optimal moist wound environment. A freeze-drying process creates the fiber-free alginate which can be easily removed in one piece - without leavings any residues in the wound bed to disturb granulating tissue. The Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing with Silver nylon mesh layer provides strength and increased wet integrity which allows for easy one-piece removal even when saturated. Odor in wounds is primarily caused by bacteria. Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing with Silver provides an antibacterial barrier to combat bacteria absorbed in the wound exudate, therefore causing odor.

One dressing

Biatain Alginate Ag by Coloplast was previously named SeaSorb-Ag Alginate by Coloplast.