Coloplast 3705 Biatain Alginate (previously SeaSorb Non-Adherent Alginate) Dressing - 2" x 2", Sterile, Box of 30 dressings

Our Product Number: D-COL-3705-B30
Price: $128.89 USD

Product Description

Biatain Alginate (previously SeaSorb Non-Adherent Alginate) Dressing is a highly absorbent, fiber-free non-adherent alginate dressing that forms a soft and protecting gel - ideal for highly exudating wounds. The exudate fluid is absorbed quickly and vertically into the Biatain Alginate which minimizes the risk of maceration. Biatain Alginate quickly forms a soft gel in the wound bed to maintain an optimal moist wound environment. A freeze-drying process creates the fiber-free non-adherent alginate which can be easily removed in one piece - without leavings any residues in the wound bed to disturb granulating tissue. The nylon mesh layer provides strength and increased wet integrity which allows for easy one-piece removal even when saturated.

Box of 30 dressings

Biatain Alginate Dressing by Coloplast was previously SeaSorb Non-Adherent Alginate Dressing by Coloplast.