Coloplast 33452 Biatain Silicone Adhesive Lite Foam Dressing - 2" x 2" Overall, 1" x 1" Pad, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: K-COL-33452-B5
Price: $16.79 USD

Product Description


Biatain Silicone Lite offers the same benefits as Biatain Silicone but has a thinner foam for increased mobility. It is ideal for hard-to-dress areas or frequent dressing changes.

Biatain Silicone combines the softness of foam with the gentleness of silicone
Silicone dressings are gentle on the skin, and easy to remove and reposition with minimal pain to the patient. Traditional foam dressings provide superior absorption, fluid management and flexibility. Biatain Silicone combines the gentleness of silicone and the effectiveness of foam, delivering three unique benefits:

Superior absorbency
The superior absorption and fluid handling properties of Biatain SIlicone ensures the optimal management of exudate. The unique 3D foam structure absorbs the exudate vertically and locks the fluid away within its structure, while leaving the wound moist for optimal wound healing conditions.

Safe and easy application
Biatain Silicone's 3-part opening allows for non-touch application, which minimizes the risk of infection and the waste of dressings


Box of 10 dressings

In 2014, Coloplast changed the product number from 3444 to 33444. The product is the same, only the product number has changed.