Coloplast 33285 3285 Comfeel Plus Triangle Dressing - 7" x 8", Sterile, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-COL-33285-B5
Price: $92.49 USD

Product Description


Coloplast Comfeel® Plus Hydrocolloid Dressing 7" x 8" Triangular Shape, Sterile, Anatomical Design

No-touch system maintains sterility, while adhesive technology keeps dressing in place. Each allows for easy application and removal. Thin tapered edges increase wear time by preventing edge roll. Grid imprint allows convenient, accurate measurement of wound area. The triangular shape and flexibility with anatomical design is specifically for the difficult-to-dress, sacral area.

  • Has a unique combination of alginate and hydrocolloid.
  • Superior exudates management with fewer dressing changes and less disruption to wound.
  • No-touch application system for ease of use.
  • Grid imprint on the polyurethane top film allows convenient and accurate measurement of wound area.

Box of 5 dressings