Coloplast 33283 3283 Comfeel Plus Contour Dressing - 42 square inch, Sterile, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-COL-33283-B5
Price: $126.39 USD

Product Description


Coloplast Comfeel® Plus Contour Hydrocolloid Dressing 42" Square Butterfly Shape With Alignate

The butterfly shape and hydrocolloid edging eliminates need for additional taping, even in areas such as sacrum, heel and elbow. Unique, adaptable top film opens and closes its pores allowing excess moisture to evaporate while maintaining a moist environment.

  • Butterfly-shaped for better conformity and adhesion.
  • Thin, transparent hydrocolloid edging promotes healing environment for damaged skin surrounding the ulcer.
  • The washable surface minimizes need for premature changes due to soiling.
  • "No-touch" system allows easy application while wearing gloves.

The butterfly-shaped is designed for difficult-to-dress areas.

Box of 5 dressings