Coloplast 33120 3120 Comfeel Plus Ulcer Dressing - 8" x 8", Sterile, Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-COL-33120-B5
Price: $149.99 USD

Product Description


Coloplast Comfeel® Plus Ulcer Hydrocolloid Dressing 8" x 8" Sterile With Adaptable Polyurethane Top Film, Tapered Edge

Comfeel® Plus hydrocolloid dressings are sterile and feature highly absorbent hydrocolloid with alginate for superior exudates management. The adaptable polyurethane top film contributes to better exudates management allowing pores to open for more evaporation when there is heavy exudates and close to maintain a moist environment when there is little exudates. "No-touch" system allows for easy application while wearing gloves. Skin-friendly adhesive keeps the dressing in place yet can easily be removed.

  • Have a unique combination of alginate and hydrocolloid.
  • Superior exudates management with fewer dressing changes and less disruption to wound.
  • No-touch application system for ease of use.
  • Grid imprint on the polyurethane top film facilitates wound measurement.
  • Tapered edges minimize edge roll.

Box of 5 dressings