Church and Dwight B8553 Simply Saline - 3 ounce can, One can

Our Product Number: D-BLX-B8553-E
Price: $9.49 USD

Product Description

Church & Dwight Simply Saline Sterile Wound Wash Saline delivers a sterile saline solution designed to painlessly flush and cleanse wounds of debris and help eliminate infection with no messy clean-up or wasted supplies. Effective cleansing action at the press of a button, it can be used to cleanse everyday wounds, scrapes, and burns. Bag-in-can technology allows the product to be dispensed at any angle.

  • Sterile saline solution
  • Proven pressure removes bacteria and debris
  • Works painlessly and promotes healing
  • No burning or stinging
  • Gentle as your own tears
  • Contents remain sterile throughout the life of the can
  • No harmful propellants released in solution or atmosphere
  • Great for pets too

One can