BSN Medical 7266103 Jobst Comprifore lite LF Latex-free Multi-Layer Compression System, One Kit

Our Product Number: E-BSN-7266103-KT
Price: $15.79 USD

Product Description

Jobst Comprifore lite LF Latex-Free Multi-Layer Compression System contains all the components needed for adequate compression, especially in the treatment of venous leg ulcers.

  • Provides effective levels of sustained graduated compression
  • Ideal for situations that require reduced compression
  • Includes Cutimed Sorbact Wound Contact Layer to reduce bioburden that may impede healing
  • Provides built-in safety and ease of application
  • Insures compliance and maximum healing for cost effective care
  • Latex-Free for the reduction of risk of allergies

One kit includes 3-layer system