BSN Medical 72390004 Leukomed IV Transparent Film Dressing for IV - 1(3/4) inch x 1(3/4) inch, Box of 50 dressings

Our Product Number: E-BSN-7239004-B50
Price: $15.29 USD

Product Description

Leukomed IV Transparent Film Dressings ensure secure and lasting fixation of central and peripheral venous catheters and cannulae with injection port. The ultra-thin polyurethane film protects reliably against water, bacteria and contaminants, yet granting a high moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR). By applying the skin-friendly adhesive in an intelligent pattern ("pattern coat"), secure fixation and lasting protection are achieved without impairing breathability. The unique application system featuring a translucent carrier film with a distinctive red stripe, assures precise placement over the wound or device.

  • Breathable - lets the skin breathe, reduces the risk of macerations
  • Waterproof - allows to shower and bathe
  • Impermeable to bacteria and contaminants - helps to reduce the risk of infections
  • Transparent - allows for easy inspection of the insertion site
  • Very thin, soft and flexible film - conformable to body contours and catheters
  • Skin-friendly yet strong adhesive - secure fit, comfortable for the patient
  • Design with rounded edges - prevents premature roll-off
  • Additional fixation strips - secure fixation, helps prevent dislodgement of catheters and tubing

Box of 50 dressings