BSN Medical 7216100 Cutimed Sorbact Dressing Pad - 2.8 inch x 3.5 inch, Box of 40 dressings

Our Product Number: E-BSN-7216100-B40
Price: $376.49 USD

Product Description

Cutimed Sorbact Dressing Pad

  • Absorbent dressing pad with Cutimed Sorbact wound contact layer
  • Ideal for acute and chronic wounds including contaminated, colonized or infected wounds
  • Effective against all wound pathogens including MRSA and VRE
  • No cytotoxicity; physically binds and inactivates pathogens without affecting cells involved in wound healing
  • Bound and inactivated pathogens are removed with each dressing change reducing the microbial load and removing one of the principle barriers to wound healing
  • Works outside the microorganism physically binding them together and to the dressing with no chemical or metabolic interactions to which pathogens could develop resistance
  • Non allergic; does not utilize allergy inducing substrates or chemicals to which patients might develop sensitization or allergic reactions
  • Reduces wound odor
  • Reduces cytoplasm and endotoxin release
  • Reduces infection and inflammation

Box of 40 dressings