Becton Dickinson 371603 BD E-Z Scrub Surgical Scrub Brush, Dry, Box of 30 brushes

Our Product Number: DL-BD-371603-B30
Price: $42.29 USD

Product Description

BD E-Z Scrub Surgical Scrub Brush Dry

  • Color Coded Green
  • Proprietary polyethylene soft bristless enhance mechanical action while reducing skin irritation.
  • Soft sponge provides gentle cleaning on irritated areas or when firm mechanical action is not required.
  • Ergonomic brush design allows greater user comfort and effectiveness, ultimately improving compliance.

For over three decades, the BD E-Z Scrub brand has been considered the "gold standard" in single-use disposable scrubs.

BD E-Z Scrub is now manufactured with 100% renewable energy. Plus, 104 tons of resin have been cut from the process which means 104 fewer tons of medical waste entering landfills.

Box of 30 brushes