Bard 153214A Urine Meter, 350ml Meter, Infection Control, Bacteriostatic Collection System, Drainage Bag, 2500mL capacity, One bag

Our Product Number: D-BRD-153214A-E
Price: $32.99 USD

Product Description


Urine Meter Drainage Bag with Infection Control and Bactriostatic Collection System is used to

  • Accurately measure urine output
  • Typically used for surgical patients or critically ill patients

Urine Meter Drainage Bag has

  • 350ml urine meters
  • 2500mL capacity drainage bag
  • Bard EZ-LOK Sampling Port
  • Patented microbicidal outlet tube
  • Bacteriostatic collection system
  • Single hook design with string hanger
  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • Latex Free
  • Bard EZ-LOK Sampling Port which eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries and allows for needle-free aspiration
  • Patented Microbicidal Outlet Tube protects the drain bag from contamination resulting from retrograde bacterial migration

One bag