3M 9600 Single-Use Blade Assembly for Remington Surgical Clipper Body 9602 and 9603, One blade

Our Product Number: E-MMM-9600-E
Price: $9.99 USD

Product Description

One blade -- for use with 3M Surgical Clipper 9602 and 9603


  • Provides same level of reliability as all 3M Surgical Clippers
  • Safely clips dry, fine or coarse body hair without nicks, cuts or skin trauma
  • Blade easily snaps on and pops off
  • Blade can be used flat or at a slight angle to the skin on head and body hair

Single-use blade assembly for 3M Surgical Clipper by Remington 9602

3M Sugical Clippers 9602 and 9603 by Remington are designed for those who want a solid, no-nonsense clipper without extra features.  Its durable construction and dependable operation continue to make this a preferred clipper.

One blade