3M 90214 Tegaderm HG (High Gelling) Non-Adherent Alginate Dressing - 4" x 8", Box of 5 dressings

Our Product Number: D-MMM-90214-B5
Price: $64.58 USD

Product Description

Tegaderm Non-Adherent Alginate Dressings are sterile, highly conformable, and absorbent primary wound dressings for use on moderately to heavily exudating wounds. Tegaderm High Gelling Non-Adherent Alginate Dressing becomes an amorphous gel-like mass when saturated. The saturated dressing may be gently irrigated from the wound bed at dressing change.

This product used to be named Tegagen HG. The product is the same, only the name has changed.

Box of 5 dressings

3M discontinued this product in 2008 and we no longer have any in stock. Sorry!

Tegaderm HG is still available in the 4" x 4" size.