3M 90007 Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Sacral Dressing - Pad SIze 5(1/2) inch x 4(7/8) inch, Overall Size 6(3/4) inch x 6(3/8) inch, Box of 6 dressings

Our Product Number: VD-MMM-90007
Price: $97.89 USD

Product Description

Absorbs exudate rapidly. The sacral-shaped dressing has a film-bordered notch area designed to allow application in close proximity to the anal opening while still providing a barrier to contamination by feces or urine. By keeping incontinence out and wound exudate in, the dressing is designed to provide cost-effective wear time. The dressing features the familiar window-out frame delivery system similar to that found on 3M Tegaderm transparent dressings. Wide adhesiveless tabs and the frame delivery system prevent the dressing from sticking to gloves and allow caregivers to apply the dressing with one hand. The dressing's outer film layer and film border provide consistently high-moisture vapor transmission, reducing the potential for peri-wound skin maceration. It leaves no hydrocolloid residue in the wound for fast, easier dressing changes. Unlike many hydrocolloid dressings, it can be applied while wearing gloves, so caregivers can comply with infection prevention protocol when applying it to open wounds. Does not contain either natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber as components in the product or its packaging.

5-1/2 inch x 4-7/8 inch (13,9cm x 12,3cm) Hydrocolloid Dressing, Sacral Design, Film border, Designed for long wear time, Overall size 6-3/4 inch x 6-3/8 inch (17,1cm x 16,1cm)

Box of 6 dressings

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