3M 5643 Tegaderm Non-Adherent Contact Layer - 3" x 8", Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: D-MMM-5643-B10
Price: $89.99 USD

Product Description

Tegaderm Contact Layer is a woven nylon fabric with sealed edges that is a lint-free, non-adherent, non-toxic, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic material. Clinical studies show that Tegaderm Contact Layer can be left on the wound for up to 7 days. Tegaderm Contact Layer can be used under gauze or other absorbent dressings, while allowing exudates to pass through to an absorbent outer barrier. The non-adherence of this material will minimize disruption of healthy granulation tissue and re-epithelialized surfaces.

Box of 10 dressings