3M 1560M Reston Self-Adhering Foam, Medium Support Pad, 7(7/8)" x 11(3/4)", (7/16)" thick, Package of 10 pads

Our Product Number: M-MMM-1560M-P10
Price: $59.99 USD

Product Description


3M Reston M Foam is a self-adhering open cell foam designed to protect skin from splints, casts and prostheses. Reston Self-Adhering Foam can also be used as a padding for beds and chairs. This lightweight and conformable padding can be cut, layered and shaped, allowing it to be adapted for many applications.

Reston should not be applied to the skin under tension. Such uses can result in damage to the skin such as blistering or tearing which may lead to hypopigmentation and the risk of serious infection. Reston self-adhering foam products should not be placed in direct contact with an open wound, and is not to be used as a dressing in post-surgical treatment procedures such as liposuction.

Package of 10 pads