3M 15273 Transpore Clear Plastic Perforated Surgical Tape - 3 inch x 10 yards, One roll

Our Product Number: VD-3M-15273-E
Price: $5.95 USD

Product Description

3M Transpore Clear Porous Plastic Tape is conformable general purpose tape. Its bi-directional tear makes it easy to use when wearing gloves. It is transparent, allowing skin condition to be monitored. Porous and breathable, it minimizes trauma to the skin.

  • Good adhesive to skin and tubing for secure placement
  • Holds well on damp or dry skin
  • Perforated plastic tape with easy, straight, bi-directional tear
  • May be used for various dressings and devices
  • Porous
  • Easy to handle with gloves

One roll

3M product number 1527-3