3M 11803 Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage Spray - 0.61 ounce (18ml), One bottle

Our Product Number: E-MMM-11803-EA
Price: $7.39 USD

Product Description

Nexcare No Sting Liquid Bandage Spray is the perfect first aid solution for wounds in hard-to-cover areasfrom small nicks to large abrasions. It dries in 30 seconds and provides a skin shield thats waterproof, so it lasts through several washings or in situations where you need to get wet, like gardening, swimming, washing the car. The breathable, waterproof protection keeps out dirt and germs. It covers and protects to promote healing of the skin. Nexcare Liquid Bandage is alcohol-free and contains no fragrance or preservatives. Its the perfect addition to any first aid kit.

  • No-sting formula
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for larger scrapes and abrasions that are difficult to cover with traditional bandages
  • Unique skin shield that covers minor cuts and scrapes and doesn't sting when applied
  • Provides breathable, waterproof protection that keeps out dirt and germs
  • Promotes healing of skin

One spray bottle