Systagenix (formerly Johnson & Johnson) MT2450 Tielle Packing Hydropolymer Dressing - 3(3/4) inch x 3(3/4) inch, Box of 10 dressings

Our Product Number: D-SGX-MT2450-B10
Price: $156.79 USD

Product Description

Tielle Packing Hydropolymer Dressing is a soft and conformable, highly absorbent hydropolymer foam dressing. The LiquaLock technology, which cleverly retains exudates while also letting moisture vapor pass through the dressing, helps to provide an optimal moist wound healing environment. As exudates are absorbed by the dressing, it is designed to expand and conform to the contours of the wound bed, which helps minimize exudate build-up and the chance of maceration. This dressing is ideal for chronic and deep cavity wounds.

Box of 10 dressings