Southwest Technologies DR9300 Gold Dust Hydrophilic Polymer Powder - 3 gram / packet, Box of 10 packets

Our Product Number: D-SWT-DR9300-B10
Price: $69.89 USD

Product Description

Gold Dust is a highly absorbent hydrophilic polymer capable of absorbing large amounts of exudate and retaining the exudate in the matrix even under high pressures. The aqueous fluids remain trapped in the polymer matrix and can only be removed by evaporative drying or solvent extraction. Therefore, when used as a wound dressing, Gold Dust protects the wound tissue and the surrounding periwound area from maceration and degradation. Gold Dust may be used as dry granules on highly exudating wounds, however the wounds should be monitored for the potential of over-drying the tissue. When managing moderate to low exudating wounds, pre-moisten the Gold Dust granules to form a gel and avoid over-drying the tissue.

One box of 10 packets