Smith & Nephew 66047445 Cutinova Hydro - 6" x 8", Box of 3 dressings

Our Product Number: D-UNS-66047445-B3
Price: $69.99 USD

Product Description

CUTINOVA* Hydro is a unique, hydro-active polyurethane matrix with an embedded super-absorber providing maximum exudate absorption. The special structure of this dressing offers the unique action of absorbing water from the wound fluid. CUTINOVA Hydro is indicated for moderately to highly exuding wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and first and second degree burns. Unlike hydrocolloids, CUTINOVA Hydro remains intact when in contact with exudate and leaves no gel or dressing debris in the wound. Dressing changes are therefore easier for the carer and less traumatic for the patient; wound irrigation can be kept to a minimum. CUTINOVA Hydro adheres well to dry skin but will not stick to the wound.

Box of 3 dressings