Sage Products 7526 Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Washcloths, One Package of 24 cloths

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Product Description

Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Washcloths helps provide consistent care by applying an effective barrier, every time it is used!

  • Contains 3% dimethicone formula and USP purified water
  • Each washcloth delivers all-in-one skin cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing, treatment and barrier protection
  • Provide perineal care with washcloths with dimethicone
  • Warms easily in a microwave or warmer
  • 24-pack resealable large size washcloths
  • New packaging uses 90% less packaging material than standard plastic tubs
  • Latex-free

One Package of 24 cloths

Also available in Smaller Size and Three Washcloths Soft Package