Molnlycke 131715 E-Z Derm Porcine Xenograft Mesh - 2 inch X 2 inch Sheet, Box of 10

Our Product Number: K-MOL-131715-B10
Price: $768.69 USD

Product Description

EZDerm Porcine Xenograft Mesh is a cost-effective alternative to allografts in the treatment of burn wounds, especially for partial thickness skin losses, and for temporary coverage prior to autograft and to protect meshed autografts
  • For extensive burns, wound excision and closure as an essential part of the treatment regimen; however, autografting is sometimes not an immediate option and a temporary wound cover is required
  • Immediately soothing upon application, provides an environment that protects the migration and proliferation of epithelial cells and minimizes painful dressing changes
  • Once in place, normal activities can be resumed, while the natural healing process continues undisturbed

  EZ Derm Porcine Xenograft Mesh