Medline MSC8301 TenderWet Active Dressing - 1.6 inch round, Box of 7 dressings

Our Product Number: M-MED-MSC8301-B7
Price: $61.71 USD

Product Description

TenderWet Active is a multilayer wound-dressing pad, with a core of superabsorbent polyacrylate saturated with Ringer's solution, a carrier layer, a moisture-repellant layer and a non-adhesive layer. The superabsorbent polyacrylate layer attracts debris, necrotic tissue and micro-organisms (pathogens) and exchanges them for Ringers solution. This exchange is caused by the polyacrylate's higher affinity for protein-containing solutions than for salt-containing solutions. The wound exudate therefore displaces the Ringers solution from the dressing pad. Thus, TenderWet Active continuously renews the film of Ringers solution in the wound bed over several hours, and simultaneously absorbs micro-organisms, released detritus and toxins. Hence, the wound is rinsed and rapidly cleansed. Moisture and electrolytes of the Ringers solution such as sodium, potassium and calcium, contribute to the stimulation of cell proliferation during the granulation phase.

TenderWet Active is a registered trademark of Paul Hartmann AG.

TenderWet Active has a hydrophobic backing to help provide a protective barrier for the wound. TenderWet Active Cavity does not have the hydrophobic backing and will work from both sides of the dressing. If TenderWet Active Cavity is used, it should be covered with a TenderWet Active dressing.

Previously, the Ringer's solution was separate. TenderWet Active and TenderWet Active Cavity are pre-saturated with Ringer's solution.

Box of 7 dressings