Carrington Laboratories 101080 Carrasyn Hydrogel Wound Dressing - 8 oz. spray bottle, One

Our Product Number: L-CRN-101080-E
Price: $57.79 USD

Product Description

Carrasyn Spray Gel is a non-oily hydrogel with Acemannan Hydrogel that has been designed to maintain a moist wound healing environment. Carrasyn Spray Gel is a spray application of Carrasyn Hydrogel which can be used for maximum coverage or where a "hands-off" application is needed.

Acemann Hydrogel is a complex carbohydrate, chemically described as beta - (1,4) - acetylated mannan, identified by Carrington Lab scientists in 1982. Carrington believes that its stabilized, pharmaceutically prepared aloe vera gel containing Acemannan Hydrogel is equivalent to using the gel from fresh leaves of aloe vera.