Bell-Horn Dr. Comfort 11110 Anti-Embolism Thigh Stocking 18 mmHg, Closed Toe, 2X Large Size, Regular Length, Beige, One pair

Our Product Number: E-BLH-111102XR
Price: $29.10 USD

Product Description

Dr. Comfort (Bell-Horn) anti-embolism stockings provide a gentle massaging action to help prevent the formation of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) associated with post-surgical inactivity. 18mmHg Medical Grade Compression to improve circulation and valve function. Relieves mild swelling in legs, ankles, and feet.

Ankle size: 11" - 12"
Calf size: 18(1/2)" - 20(1/2)"
Thigh size: 30" - 36(1/2)"
Regular length: 29" - 31"

If your stockings have a tendency to slide down, try using It Stays! Body Adhesive to keep stockings in place.

One pair