3M 1838R Filtron High Performance Surgical Mask, Fog-Free with Ties, Level 2 Fluid Resistant, PFE >99%, BFE >99%, Box of 50 masks

Our Product Number: K-MMM-1838R-B50
Price: $55.79 USD

Product Description

3M 1838 Tie-on surgical Facemask with off-the-face design and unique filter to reduce fogging. The unique filter combintation allows for easy breathing and reduces fogging of glasses or goggles, and the distinctive shape helps keep the mask away from the nose and mouth for increased omfort.

The masks have >99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) determined by the modified Greene and Vesley test method and >99% 0.1 micron filter efficiency determined by Particle Challenge Study which measures filter efficiency only against mass median aerodynamic diameter particle.


Box of 50 masks