Browse Categories is an extension of Eagle Highland Pharmacy, an independent (still!) pharmacy located in Indianapolis, Indiana USA.
In the face of continuing pressure from pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, Medicare policies and chain drugstores, Eagle Highland Pharmacy has remained an independent pharmacy by serving the needs of patients visiting health professionals in the nearby medical arts complex and by specializing in the areas of pharmacy that the large chain stores have decided not to support - such as advanced wound care and skin care products. This website is our latest effort to maintain and improve the level of support we can provide to customers looking for these wound and skin care supplies - and to continue to operate as a small, independent pharmacy.
We have been at our physical location for over 30 years and on the internet since 1999. If you have been a customer since then, you may have noticed a change in our website in March 2017.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy with the state of Indiana and is staffed by licensed registered pharmacists. There are also others of us who are not pharmacists - but are important too!

We appreciate your business which keeps us in business!